During the harvest period it is important to comply with fire safety requirements

4 August 2020, Tuesday

For the purpose of prevention of emergence of fires in the period of fodder and harvesting the workers of the separate post for the protection of the village Bykovo of Nizhnekamsk squad of fire service of the Republic of Tatarstan give talks about fire safety with farm workers Muslyumovsky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan with the presentation of the monuments and explaining the procedure in case of fire in agricultural machinery and skird some hay.
In order to save the crop from fire, managers of agricultural enterprises and workers engaged in harvesting and processing the crop must know and strictly comply with fire safety requirements.
During the harvesting period, it is prohibited to:
1. Smoke, carry out work with the use of open fire in and near grain arrays, as well as near hay ricks and straw.
2. Sow ear crops on the exclusion zones of Railways and highways. The grass mown on these strips is piled up in heaps at a distance no closer than 30 meters from the grain arrays.
3. Burn stubble, crop residues and build fires in the fields during the harvest period.

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