Both fun and informative

3 August 2020, Monday

 A fun and informative walk took place among the pupils of kindergarten No. 36 in Nizhnekamsk. Ildus Ismagilov, senior inspector of the Department of supervision and preventive work in the Nizhnekamsk municipal district, came to visit the kids.

Ildus Ilgizovich prepared interesting and informative questions on the basics of security for the students, during which a fascinating conversation with the children took place. The children were told why "matches are not toys for children" and that playing with fire is very dangerous.

Preschoolers were very active, they asked questions and supplemented each other's answers. During the conversation, the kids learned what safety rules should be followed to prevent a fire, and they also remembered the emergency call numbers.

At the end of the "safety day", the children reflected their knowledge in the form of drawings on the asphalt. And then each of the kids tried on a fireman's helmet. The meeting was fun, interesting and productive.


Akhmetova Guzel, Methodist of The center of fire propaganda and public relations of Nizhnekamsk

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