In 2020, construction of a new fire and rescue unit will begin in Apastovo

28 October 2019, Monday

In honor of this significant for the entire population of the Apastovsky municipal district on the site of the future construction of a new building SRU-106 of the Federal fire service in the Republic of Tatarstan, a ceremony of laying a capsule with a message to descendants was held. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2020.

The new fire and rescue unit No. 106 will have three cars. Personnel and two fire trucks will be on round-the-clock duty. Another car is in reserve. For personnel, there is a gas-rescue training base, a sports ground and other attributes required by Snips for full service.

Together with the personnel of the Federal fire service in the new building will be on duty and employees of the State fire service of the Republic of Tatarstan. As soon as the construction of the new fire and rescue unit is completed, all personnel and equipment will move from the old building to the new duty station.

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