Inspectors of state fire supervision in the framework of operation "Heating" is visited by families with children and families from risk groups

16 October 2019, Wednesday

In the cold season significantly increase the risk of fires, the bulk of which annually falls on the residential sector. The most common causes of fires are: improper operation of electrical appliances, careless handling of fire, as well as improper use of furnace and gas equipment.

In order to protect people's lives and health from fires, improve the safety of socially significant objects and apartment buildings, inspectors of the Department of supervision and preventive work of the main Department of the EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan annually carry out preventive measures in the residential sector, at energy and heating facilities, at education, health, social and communal spheres, carry out fire-prevention propaganda, informing the population, targeted work with citizens to comply with safety measures at work and at home.

During preventive raids, the main purpose of such activities is to train fire safety measures, bringing the basic requirements of fire safety in everyday life during the operation and use of electrical equipment and wiring.

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