In a single bundle: the links of the gas protection service demonstrated their skills

10 June 2019, Monday

In Zainsk on the basis of 41 fire and rescue units (contractual) the final of the forty first Republican competitions among links of gas-smoke protection service of divisions of FPS created for the purpose of protection of property of the organizations from fires and carrying out rescue works on the contractual basis devoted to memory of the firefighters who died in the performance of official duties took place.

Coincidentally, 41 fire and rescue part of the competition was held 41 times. 8 teams from 5 cities of Tatarstan: Kazan, Almetyevsk, Nizhnekamsk, Naberezhnye Chelny and Zainsk came to compete for the victory.

The first stage - the passage of the heat chamber, where the criteria of the competition conditions are close to real. The second stage of the competition was to climb to the third floor of the training tower for rescue at the safety rope of the victim – dummy "Yashkа" and suppression of a conditional fire, that is, target range, which was strengthened on the floor above. And the third stage is an obstacle course consisting of a labyrinth, a swinging bridge and a barrier.

However, not all teams were able to withstand the test to the end. The judges judged harshly and assigned penalty points to the teams.

In the end, the first and second place went to teams – 15 and 77 SRS, the third of leaders was 31 SRS.

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