April 2018

Over the last ten years in Tatarstan, the number of people killed on water bodies decreased by 2.7 times, from 259 to 94. Today a joint meeting of the Security Council of the Republic of Tatarstan, Coordination Meeting on Law Enforcement in RT and Anti-Terrorism Commission in RT was held. In recent years, all cases of death during swimming are registered in unequipped places of rest, so the Head of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for RT, Rafis Khabibullin, said about the need to increase the number of public beaches, a minimum of 59 beaches.

The team of the 8th detachment of the Federal Fire Service became the winner of the Winter Football Championship of Zelenodolsk Municipal District that too place at the 'Komsomolets' stadium in the city of Zelenodolsk. The championship was attended by 16 teams of labor collectives of the city and district. All the team members were awarded with medals, prizes and cash bonuses.

In Bugulma secondary school № 1, an employee of the department of supervision and preventive work for Bugulma Municipal District together with an employee of Bugulma district branch of Voluntary Fire Association of the Republic of Tatarstan conducted extracurricular lesson with senior class students on the subject of fire safety. During the class, schoolchildren were explained which of the types of fire extinguishers should be used in this or that case and what should be done in various types of burning.

April 2018

The employee of supervisory activity for Muslyumovo and Sarmanovo Municipal Districts, Idiatullin R. A., is a frequent guest of children of 'Karlygach' Muslyumovo kindergarten. Pupils of the kindergarten were explained how to behave if there is a fire in the house. A quiz and dramatizations of various situations were also held. The staff of the department of supervision and preventive work call not to stay aloof, but to help inculcate skills of fireproof behavior in children.

From today on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan all four ice passages are close for traffic. Average temperature has risen, the structure of ice has changed, its durability has decreased, and also the melt water on the passage has formed.

April 2018

Rescuers and employees of OSVOD of the city of Kazan began to drive around the private residential sector, where lonely elderly citizens and persons with disabilities live, in order to help this category of citizens in the cleaning up snow in spring, thereby protecting their cellars from flooding, and roof of the house from collapse under the weight of wet snow. Also rescuers attracted volunteers, students of the university, who study at the department of 'Industrial and ecological safety' to the good work.

March 2018

Today, there was held a competition on vertical ascent to the 18th floor of an apartment building among firefighters in Zelenodolsk for the first time. Total of 21 firefighters participated. They had to climb up to the 18th floor in full gear: combat clothes, helmet, cuffs and boots. And a special device with compressed air behind the back, and the mask can not be removed unless finishing. In addition to the competitions, the water supply to the 18th floor from a mobile fire-fighting equipment was also trained out here. 

In connection with the tragedy in the 'Zimnyaya Vishnya' shopping and entertainment center in Kemerovo and the mass death of people, there was a special tactic drill in the republic. Duty guards of fire and rescue garrisons and employees of the state fire supervision participated in the drill. Special attention was paid to the presence and serviceability of automatic fire protection systems, knowing actions in the event of fire by the service personnel.

March 2018

In Elabuga, the former head of the former 10th detachment of the state fire service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan retired Colonel of the Interior Service, Iskandar Galimov, who devoted 29 years of life to the fire service was honored with the 70th anniversary in the circle of the family. Iskandar Galimov also received the address folder with words of congratulations from the First Deputy Head of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan, Tahir Karimullin and the Chairman of the Council of Veterans of the Headquarters, Pyotr Ivanov.

Today, the operation of ice passages on the river Kama on the areas of the villages of Pokrovskoe — Krasny Klyuch in Yelabuga Municipal District and the settlements of Sokolka — Novozakamsk in Mamadysh Municipal District has stopped. Average temperature has risen, the structure of ice has changed, its durability has decreased, and also the melt water on the passages has formed. The remaining ice passages on the Volga River on the areas of Arakchino — Verkhny Uslon and Zelenodolsk — Nizhnie Vyazovye will be closed for traffic from the morning of April 2.

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