January 2019

Graduates of secondary and secondary special educational institutions have the opportunity to continue their education in higher professional educational institutions of EMERCOM of Russia.

Training on a budgetary basis in the educational institutions of higher professional education of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia provides an opportunity for school graduates to receive higher education in the field of civil defense, prevention and liquidation of consequences of emergency situations of natural and technogenic character in peace and war.

Accidents for January 10: 

Fire departments SFS Main emergency management Russia on RT went on alert 53 times. From them on false calls-22 times, on short circuit without burning-1 time, on burning of food – 3 times, on interaction with other services – 21 times. Firefighters of the Republic eliminated-6 fires, of them in private houses-1 fire, in baths and saunas – 1 fire, in outbuildings – 1 fire, in apartment houses – 1 fire, in garages – 1 fire. 1 person was injured, 5 people were saved.

January 2019

On the night of 18 to 19 January, the Orthodox world celebrates the feast of the Epiphany. Police officers, doctors, SISV inspectors, rescuers and firefighters will ensure law and order and safety of Epiphany bathing.

In order to ensure the safety of citizens during the ceremonial events of the celebration of Baptism associated with bathing in equipped fonts, the main Department of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan reminds guests and residents of the Republic of safety measures during the ceremony of water lighting.

In order to improve children’s knowledge of fire safety and restore skills after the school holidays, employees of the SFS are called to elementary school of Muslyumovsky municipal district.

For a more intelligible perception of the information received when working with primary school students, the conversation is built with the elements of the game. The inspector of state fire supervision visually showed and told how the fire extinguisher is arranged how to use it, in what cases to apply and where at school it is. And the rules of first aid were mentioned.

Hope, that children, from a young age, deposited in head a strong concept of "playing with matches – dangerous".

The safety Lesson helped to develop students' cognitive interest in the dangers and insidiousness of fire, how to behave in case of fire and what to do to protect themselves.

Accidents for January 9:

Fire departments of GPS Of the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia on RT left on alarm 32 times. Of them for false calls - 13, cooperation with other services - 6, sticking food - 1, short –1 time.

Firefighters of the Republic eliminated-9 fires, of them in apartment houses – 1 fire, in private houses - 2 fires, car - 1 fire, in garages – 1 fire, in baths, saunas - 4 fires.

The causes of fires were: violation of the rules of the device and operation of electric equipment – 3 fires, violation of the rules of the device and operation of furnaces – 4 fires, careless handling of fire – 1 fire, other reasons – 1 fire.

  On carrying out rescue operations - 3 times.

Departures units DPO on fire fighting – 2 times.

Departures units DPO for firefighting – 4 times. From them on unlocking doors - 2, traffic accident – 1, others - 1 time. For professional work - 10 times.

Remember: the fire does not occur by itself. It’s reason - human negligence and carelessness in circulation with fire. In a state of alcoholic intoxication, a person loses control over himself and his actions, and even more so can not bear any responsibility for the life of another person.

"Helpline" of EMERCOM of Russia on RT: 8 (843) 227-46-96

January 2019

With the onset of cold weather, the number of fires increases sharply due to violations of fire safety rules in the operation of electrical equipment. This cause is one of the main causes of death in fires.

Since more than 40% of people killed in fires are citizens of the older generation, who, because of their age, can often forget or simply do not pay due attention to fire safety in order to preserve their own lives and property, employees of the GPN conduct explanatory preventive work with them.

Today, the inspector of the inter-district Department of supervision and preventive work in the Aksubaevsky and Nurlat municipal districts Shaykhutdinov Tagir held a training session.

In addition to the meeting the staff of the Ministry conducted practical training on the evacuation. At the time of the training in the building were 21 residents and 16 people of staff who were evacuated at the set time.

The Deputy head of the main Department of the Ministry of emergency situations, the head of the Department of supervision and preventive work Colonel of the internal service Sergei Sergeev for the media about the results of the new year and Christmas celebrations, said during the briefing.

Fires, deaths and cases of injury are most in living spaces:

- construction of (saunas, sheds, garages) that are in the territory of outbuildings structures - 28 total number of fires fire or 45.9%, where 1 is dead and the 1 is insured;

- individual houses - 16 fire or 26.2%, 2 dead and 4 injured;

- apartment buildings - 10 fires or 16.4% and 6 injuries occurred;

- garden houses, cottages - 5 fires or 8,2% of an injury and 1 injured;


The main causes of fires during the new year holidays in the Republic of Tatarstan 2019:

- violation of fire safety rules when placing and operating the furnace a - 33 of the total number of fires or 44%;

- careless handling of fire-  18 fires (24%);

- in violation of the rules of technical operation of electrical equipment - 16 fires (fire 21,3%);

- violation of the rules of installation and operation of vehicles-  5 fires (6.7%).

- arson-  2 fires (2.7%).

Accidents for January 8, 2019:

Fire departments GPS Main emergency management Russia on RT went on alert 46 times. From them on garbage-1 time, on false calls-19 times, on interaction with other services - 11 times, on burning of food – 4 times, on short circuit without burning -2 times. Firefighters of the Republic eliminated-5 fires, including the residential sector-3 fires, outbuildings-2 fires. Unfortunately, 1 person dead and 1 person was injured.

January 2019

January 5 at 10.15 from the interior Ministry was reported about the disappearance of the inhabitant of the Yadyger village, Kukmorsky district, invalid of the 2nd group of 1980.

In 05.01.2019 at 21.00 (Moscow time) forces Kukmor interior Ministry and volunteers surveyed the area along the road, starting with the railway station Shemordan, to the village Vakhitovo, a total length of 20 km.

7 January in 14 hour 04 min rescuers of Shemordan while searching on a snowmobile in the woods on the outskirts of Yadyger village found the man sitting at the tree, in consciousness, with signs of frostbite. Rescuers gave it first aid, on a snowmobile brought it home, from where the man was hospitalized in Kukmorsky CRH with the diagnosis "Frostbite of I and II degree of skin and subcutaneous tissue of both knee joints, gluteal area on the left". He hospitalized in the surgical Department.

The main Department of EMERCOM of Russia on RT warns: the most common sources of carbon monoxide are faulty gas, oil, wood stoves, gas appliances, water heaters in swimming pools and engines that emit exhaust gases. Cracks in furnaces, clogged chimney, blocked by snow or due to lack of wind protection chimneys can lead to the fact that carbon monoxide will reach residential premises.

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