June 2018

For many years firefighters organize sight-seeing excursions for children around fire and rescue units of the detachment. This time, children at the age of 7 to 14 visited FRD-33 of the 1st squad for the Republic of Tatarstan. Young guests were told about fire equipment, professional training of firefighters, demonstrated equipment, showed the heat chamber.

Incidents as of June 24:

Fire departments of Federal Fire Service of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan went on alert 86 times. Including garbage extinguishing – 3, false alarms – 53, short circuit of wiring without burning – 3, meal burning – 2, cooperation with other services – 16. Firefighters of the republic eliminated 4 fires: private houses – 2, saunas – 1, garden houses – 1.

June 2018

As the head of task force of the Head department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan the colonel of internal service Rafail Motygullin has reported, the main actions of the Plan of carrying out search and rescue and emergency recovery operations on the place of blast of air-gas mix by 10:30 on June 23 are already executed.

For June 23 are planned:

completion of works on dismantling of plates of overlapping;

export of construction debris;

conducting emergency technical expertize of a condition of the building;

holding a meeting of KChS and OPB of Zainsky District concerning definition of a condition of the building and actions for his restoration.

The planned time of the end of search and rescue works - 14.00 hours of today.



At 02:32 Moscow time on June 23 from Zainsk the helicopter Mi-8MTB-1 of the Tatarstan avialink of the air rescue center "Zhukovsky" Emercom of Russia with the installed medical module for two victims has taken off for Kazan. Patients need urgent highly skilled and hi-tech medical care.

Victims have been carefully transferred to reanimobiles and sent to RKB.

June 2018

On the place of collapse of building constructions in the apartment of a house in Zainsk 4 persons are saved.

On arrival of divisions of the Zainsk rescue and fire fighting garrison it has been established that there was a blast of a gas cylinder in the three-room apartment No. 126 at the 8th entrance. In the house 308 people are registered, at an entrance No. 8 56 people are registered.

There is no open burning. The neighboring apartments are damaged. There are no dead.

The cause of the accident is established. Previously, in the apartment repair work on installation of stretch ceilings was conducted.



Today on June 22, our country marks the Day of Memory and Mourning. Employees of Zelenodolsk fire and rescue garrison honored the memory of those who died, too. On the territory of the 52nd department, they held an action in the memory of all, who were killed during the Great Patriotic War.

In Kazan, a boy’s (born in 2011) leg stuck between trees. Nobody could not release it. Rescuers released the boy with the help of hydraulic rescue tool and passed to medics of hospital.

Incidents as of June 21:

Fire departments of Federal Fire Service of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan went on alert 52 times. Including garbage extinguishing – 7, false alarms – 25, short circuit of wiring without burning – 1, meal burning – 3, cooperation with other services – 7. Firefighters of the republic eliminated 6 fires: residential sector – 3.

June 2018

During the spring and summer period cases of emergence of the fires on personal and seasonal gaedens become frequent. The fires which have happened in republic garden country houses in the current year have already claimed the lives of three people. Within the operation "Dacha" on June 20, 2018 the investigator of office of supervising activity and scheduled maintenance on the Verkhneuslonsky municipal district Sergey Grigoriev has conducted preventive raid on garden non-profit associations of the Naberezhno-Morkvashsky rural settlement.

The purpose of a preventive action was in not just to remind summer residents, gardeners and inhabitants of the private sector of fire safety regulations, but also to check how in practice people care for protection of the sites against the fires and whether follow the basic rules of fire prevention regime.


Fire departments of Federal Fire Service of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan went on alert 73 times. Including garbage extinguishing – 6, false alarms – 35, meal burning – 4, cooperation with other services – 14, the other - 1. Firefighters of the republic eliminated 7 fires: private houses – 3, outhouses – 1, sauna – 2, apartment houses - 1.

Causes: violation of electric equipment design and usage rules – 7.

Departures of fire departments for rescuing at the elimination of the consequences of traffic accidents – 5 times.

Departures of voluntary fire protection units on firefighting – 3.

Departures of search and rescue units of EMERCOM of RT – 14 times. Including door unlocking – 5. car accident – 1, others – 8. Preventive works – 8.



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