April 2018

The Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for RT strongly recommends fishermen to complete the season of ice fishing. As well, pedestrians risk their lives on the ice. The plus temperature makes the ice very fragile, it loses its strength and becomes porous. It is dangerous to come out on such ice, and those who still risk, need to strictly keep safety rules.

April 2018

In order to prevent loss of life on water bodies, to increase the level of operational response to incidents on water bodies of the republic during the spring melting of ice in 2018, the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan puts temporary rescue posts at places of mass staying of people on the ice, which will work in the round-the-clock mode from April 6. In total, the round-the-clock duty will be organized at 8 places.

Eighteen best teachers in the subject of 'The Basics of Life Safety' came to Kazan to participate in the final stage of the Republican Competition of 'Teacher of the Republic of Tatarstan on the course of 'The Basics of Life Safety' of 2017-2018 academic years. The participants of the contest touched upon various topics included in the course: providing first aid, individual protection means, natural disasters, as well as terrorism issues.

Actions in case of danger of flooding:

• carefully listen to the information, take note and meet all the requirements of the flood commission and rescue services;

• switch off gas, electricity and water;

• extinguish fire in burning furnaces;

• transfer valuables and furniture to the upper floors or attic;

April 2018

The situation with fires and their consequences on the results of the first quarter was voiced today at a briefing for media representatives by the Deputy Head of the department of supervisory activities of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan, Colonel of Internal Service Alexei Pashin. The main causes of fires in the 1st quarter of 2018 in the Republic of Tatarstan were:

Over the last ten years in Tatarstan, the number of people killed on water bodies decreased by 2.7 times, from 259 to 94. Today a joint meeting of the Security Council of the Republic of Tatarstan, Coordination Meeting on Law Enforcement in RT and Anti-Terrorism Commission in RT was held. In recent years, all cases of death during swimming are registered in unequipped places of rest, so the Head of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for RT, Rafis Khabibullin, said about the need to increase the number of public beaches, a minimum of 59 beaches.

The team of the 8th detachment of the Federal Fire Service became the winner of the Winter Football Championship of Zelenodolsk Municipal District that too place at the 'Komsomolets' stadium in the city of Zelenodolsk. The championship was attended by 16 teams of labor collectives of the city and district. All the team members were awarded with medals, prizes and cash bonuses.

In Bugulma secondary school № 1, an employee of the department of supervision and preventive work for Bugulma Municipal District together with an employee of Bugulma district branch of Voluntary Fire Association of the Republic of Tatarstan conducted extracurricular lesson with senior class students on the subject of fire safety. During the class, schoolchildren were explained which of the types of fire extinguishers should be used in this or that case and what should be done in various types of burning.

April 2018

The employee of supervisory activity for Muslyumovo and Sarmanovo Municipal Districts, Idiatullin R. A., is a frequent guest of children of 'Karlygach' Muslyumovo kindergarten. Pupils of the kindergarten were explained how to behave if there is a fire in the house. A quiz and dramatizations of various situations were also held. The staff of the department of supervision and preventive work call not to stay aloof, but to help inculcate skills of fireproof behavior in children.

From today on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan all four ice passages are close for traffic. Average temperature has risen, the structure of ice has changed, its durability has decreased, and also the melt water on the passage has formed.

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