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Tuesday, January 23 2018
  • 27.12.2017

    Congratulation of the Minister Vladimir Puchkov with Professional Holiday of Rescuer's Day of the Russian Federation

    Dear colleagues! Thank you for your service, for the highest professionalism and readiness for self-sacrifice, for hundred thousands of saved lives! The results of our work allow us to state that EMERCOM of Russia maximally provides safety of all Russians, while confidently looking into the future and continues to develop dynamically!
  • 26.12.2017

    Rafis Khabibullin Congratulated Rescuers on Their Professional Holiday

    On the eve of the professional holiday on December 27, the Rescuer's Day of the Russian Federation, Chief of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan, Minister for Civil Defense and Emergency Situations of the Republic of Tatarstan, Lieutenant General of Inner Service, Rafis Khabibullin, addressed to the staff and veterans of the Headquarters and EMERCOM of RT. The Minister wished the rescuers good health, endurance, happiness, success in hard, but necessary and noble work for the benefit of our republic, and the veterans - optimism and longevity!
  • 26.12.2017

    Children Were Awarded with Deserved Awards and Sweet Prizes in the Republican Crisis Management Center

    Today, some employees of the Crisis Management Center of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan came to their work with their children, winners of annual contest of children's crafts "Dog in Rescue Service". Kids not only saw where their moms and dads work, but they also received deserved gifts and diplomas for their original creative crafts and pictures.
  • 26.12.2017

    Almost Got Cold to Death

    On December 24, 2017, a boy born in 2007 lost in in the settlement of Cheremshan. Chief of the FRD-135 of the federal fire service, 8th squad of Cheremshan Department of Inner Affairs left for searching; additionally,  volunteers from citizens of the settlement in the amount of 120 people were involved. At 10.05 PM, the lost boy was found by volunteers on the outskirts of the settlement. As it turned out, the boy fell into a sewer well with the depth of 3 meters among non-residential buildings.
  • 26.12.2017

    Keep Fire Safety Rules During decorating New Year Tree!

    The Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan reminds residents of the republic the following rules must be kept during New Year tree installation:
  • 26.12.2017

    Hero, Who Saved Twins on Fire, Is Wanted

    On December 23 at about 11 o'clock in the morning in Leninogorsk,as a result of fire there was burned down the kitchen on the area of 6 sq. meters in an apartment on the ground floor of a five-storey apartment building. There were two eight-year-old twin brothers, and there were no adults in the apartment. Even before the arrival of fire departments, an unknown passing by man reacted to cries for help, broke the window and took them out. After that, he made sure they were safe and left. 
  • 26.12.2017

    Yesterday’s Characteristic Incidents

    Incidents as of December 25: Fire departments of Federal Fire Service of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan went on alert 52 times. Including garbage extinguishing – 4, false alarms – 11, short circuit of wiring without burning – 3, meal burning – 4, cooperation with other services – 17. Firefighters of the republic eliminated 7 fires: bathhouses – 1, private houses – 4, garden houses – 2. 2 persons died. 1 person was injured.
  • 26.12.2017

    Connection Training

    From December 25, 2017, 'Enforced Readiness' mode has been introduced. To improve the sustainability of the management system of the Ministry and RSChS, to check the readiness of communication systems to provide management, on December 25-26, 2017 from 23:00 to 18:00 local time, a comprehensive training on communication in the chain of EMERCOM of Russia - Regional Center of EMERCOM of Russia - The Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for a subject of the Russian Federation - Fire and Rescue Garrison, a facility of EMERCOM of Russia. The training involves bodies of management and communication departments of territorial bodies and EMERCOM of Russia facilities.
  • 25.12.2017

    Keep Fire Safety Rules During Pyrotechnic Items Use

    New Year events cannot do without using various pyrotechnic items, which are in popular demand of people on the eve. And as a rule, they cannot do without injuring citizens due to improper usage of pyrotechnic items. So, in New Year holidays of 2016-2017, 3 persons, of which 2 children, were injured for this reason.
  • 25.12.2017

    From December 25, Special Fire Prevention Mode Will Be Introduced in the Republic

    In order to provide fire safety of New Year events, life and health of individuals and legal entities, state or municipal property, special fire prevention mode will be introduced from December 25, 2017 to January 10, 2018 on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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