February 2019

     In winter, the probability of fire increases, and therefore preventive work to prevent fires in the residential sector should be strengthened. Therefore, the inspectors of the state fire supervision, together with representatives of social protection was organized by an interagency raid on the places of residence of the families being in socially dangerous position of the village of Minnibaevo Almetyevsk.

During the week also held meetings with citizens in Sulewsk, Yasinsk rural settlements with informing the public about requirements of fire safety in a residential facility.

On february 16 and 17 in connection with the projected precipitation such as snow, wet snow, combined with the increase in air temperature to the positive marks there is a possibility of occurrence of accidents (injuries) among the population due to the disappearance of the snow masses and ice from the roofs of buildings, and causing material damage to the property of citizens. Be careful!

Especially for fans of ice fishing the map of dangerous areas and data on the thickness of ice on water bodies of the Republic of Tatarstan (as of February 15, 2019) updated.

Actual data on ice thickness at water bodies of the Republic of Tatarstan:

Incidents of 14th February:

Fire departments of state fire service of EMERCOM of Russia on RT went on alert 29 times. Firefighters of the Republic eliminated-7 fires, including 3 fires in the residential sector. Unfortunately, 2 people were killed, 1 victim was saved.

The causes of fires were: violation of the rules of the device and operation of electric equipment – 5 fires, careless handling of fire – 1 fire, violation of the rules of the device and operation of furnaces – 1 fire.

Other visits to the incident: false calls-14 times, short circuit without burning-2 times, the combustion of food-3 times, to interact with other services - 4 times, the other – 1 time.

February 2019

Republic of Tatarstan held a public discussion on the review of the results of generalization and analysis of law enforcement practice developed in the framework of implementation of subparagraph 3 of paragraph 2 of article 8.2 of the Federal law dated 28.12.2008 year №294-FZ "On protection of rights of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs when exercising state control (supervision) and municipal control".

February 15 marks the 30th anniversary of the withdrawal of a limited contingent of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. In honor of the soldiers – internationalists who performed their combat duty outside the borders of their native country, the Federal law № 320-FZ "on amendments to article 1.1 of the Federal law" on Days of military glory and memorable dates of Russia", signed by the President of Russia on November 29, 2010, established the day of memory of the Russians who performed In honor of the memorable date, the leadership of the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan organized honoring of its employees, who had a chance to take part in hostilities in the territory of the Asian country adjacent to the USSR.

According to the FSBI "Department of Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring of the Republic of Tatarstan", February 15, from 14 to 16 o’clock in the Republic of Tatarstan and Kazan in places heavy snow, South-West moderate wind, gain 15-18 m/s, snowstorm from 500 to 1000 m, on roads ice and sleet are expected.

Accidents of 13th February, 2019:

Fire departments of SFS of the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia on RT left on alarm 31 times. From them on false calls-11 times, on interaction with other services – 7 times, on short circuit without burning -3 times, on burning of food – 3 times. Firefighters of the Republic eliminated-4 fires, including the residential sector - 1 fire, outbuildings-1 fire, objects of various forms of ownership -2 fire.

The causes of fires are: other reasons 4 fire.

Units of VFP on firefighting were not involved.

Departures of units of SRS for firefighting – 10 times. Including: unblocking - 2, demercurization of mercury -1 times, traffic accident-1, others - 6 times. For professional work-15 times.

February 2019

Throughout the year, preventive groups bypass houses and apartments, conduct interviews with homeowners, distribute memos and leaflets with fire safety rules. But the opportunity to discuss problems and issues, provided at the gatherings of citizens, which are traditionally held at the beginning of the year.

Another meeting of citizens was held in the small town Nizhnie Vyazoviye of Zelenodolsk municipal district. On special control – are places of residence of large, dysfunctional families, lonely and elderly citizens, persons abusing alcohol.

Since the beginning of the year, employees of Zelenodolsk fire and rescue garrison took part in 19 gatherings of citizens, which took place in rural settlements during the first two months. Until the end of February a speech are planning to hold another four meetings of citizens - in Novopolsk, Raif, Osinovsk rural settlements and urban-type settlement Vasilevo.


Reseda Yusupova, the press service of OSFS-8 of RT

Accidents for 12th February, 2019:

Fire departments of SFS of the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia on RT left on alarm 31 times. Of them for false calls - 7, cooperation with other agencies – 10 times the short circuit without burning 3 times, sticking food – 6 times. Firefighters of the Republic eliminated-5 fires, including the residential sector-3 fires, outbuildings-2 fires. Saved 10 people.

The causes of fires were: violation of the rules of the device and operation of electric equipment – 3 fires, violation of the rules of the device and operation of furnaces -1 fire, arson - 1 fire.

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