April 2018

In order to ensure the safe passage of flood water and prevent further flooding of residential buildings, today, employees of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan together with the team of exploders of Kazan Higher Tank Command Red Banner College organized explosion work on a jamming area on the river Berlya near the village of Burunduki. Kazan exploders planted total of 40 kg of explosives into ice hummocks.

As of 09.00 AM 12.04.2018 on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan, 27 household plots in 1 settlement, 3 low water bridges and 1 section of unpaved road remain flooded. According to the temporary monitoring network on small rivers of the republic there is an active phase of flood on water bodies of pre-Volga and Kama regions. Monitoring of flood situation is carried out by 15 task forces in the amount of 45 persons and 15 units of techniques.

April 2018

In order to monitor the flood situation in the republic to date, 7 task forces of fire and rescue garrisons in the amount of 21 people and 7 units of equipment are working. Due to the rise of the water level in the rivers Kubnya, Berlya and Uryum in Kaybitsy District territories of six more settlements partially get into the area of possible flooding.

Today the final stage of the competitions among schoolchildren of the city of Kazan was held in the educational and training arena. More than 120 young athletes were to show their results in two stages, overcoming the 100-meter obstacle course and climbing the hook ladder to the window of the first floor of the training tower. The competitions were organized to replenish the reserve of the teams of the republic and popularize applied fire sports, acquaint children with the profession of firefighter and rescuer.

On April 11, 3 houses in the village of Fedorovskoe, Kaybitsy District, sank partially. Three dwelling houses with a population of 9 people got into the flooding zone. Residents of these houses moved to their relatives. The task force of Kaybitsy Fire and Rescue Garrison, the Chairman of the Commission on Emergencies and Fire Safety of Kaybitsy District and the Head of the Fedorovskoe rural settlement left for the scene.

Flood conditions and floods in a number of regions of Russia became the reason for conducting a command-staff drill in Zelenodolsk Municipal District. The drill began with a meeting in Vasilievo Culture House, where the heads of all services and departments of the quick response to emergency situations gathered. Immediately after the meeting the speech siren was turned on and the alarm system was checked in Vasilyevo. The next was the examining of emergency response technique readiness. A dam was the final point of the command and staff drill. 

April 2018

Kids of the 'Landysh' kindergarten of the city of Mamadysh learned from rescuers of the zonal search and rescue squad № 5 that it is very dangerous to go to the fragile spring ice, got practical experience of rescuing a person who fell down the ice.

April 2018

110 students from educational organizations took part in the regional stage of the competition. Children's works were evaluated in several categories: Competition of literary creativity, competition of music and performance creativity, competition of scenic creativity, competition of artistic creativity. Works of the winners were sent to Moscow and they will participate in the Russian stage of the contest.

In Tatarstan, cases of citizens' appeal, that some persons under the guise of EMERCOM employees in civilian clothes walk around apartments and houses of citizens and ask to open doors, ostensibly, for carrying out of inspection of houses for keeping fire safety, while offering to purchase and install autonomous fire detectors or gas leakage sensors, have become more frequent. EMERCOM does not carry out entrepreneurial activity on sale of any equipment to citizens, including fire-fighting.

In order to prepare for the summer health campaign in 2018 and to raise the level of knowledge of specialists in the organization of recreation of children and youth in the base of the children's health camp of 'Plamya' there was held a meeting on the safety of children in children's camps.

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