April 2019

Today, within the framework of the events dedicated to the celebration of the 370th anniversary of the fire protection of Russia, the official opening of the reconstructed complex of buildings of the fire and rescue unit No 48 of the Federal fire service No 7 was held. As part of the overhaul of the complex of buildings, the administrative and household building, the garage of combat vehicles for 4 cars, the production building and the production building of the logistics Center, the control and technical point were repaired.

In honor of the 370th anniversary of the Day of fire protection of Russia at the memorial complex in memory of the dead fire Department of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan held a solemn meeting. The event was attended by veterans of fire protection, widows of the deceased employees, as well as the leadership of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan, headed by the chief of The Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan, Lieutenant General of internal service Rafis Khabibullin.

April 2019

As part of the tour, the cadets of Kazan school No. 89 visited the University, the student campus and the rooms where students live. In the sports complex they saw modern simulators, where students and staff of Innopolis maintain their fitness. And in the local cafe, as dear guests, they were treated to a complex lunch.

Today in Kazan in the Park at the intersection of avenues Yamashev and Amirkhan held a rally dedicated to the memory of the liquidators of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In honor of the 33rd anniversary of the tragedy, numerous residents of the city-participants of the liquidation, their relatives, Kazan schoolchildren, students of cadet classes of the Ministry of emergency situations and many others laid flowers to the memorial of the heroes-liquidators.

April 30 – Day of fire protection of Russia. This year the fire protection of Russia celebrates 370 years. On this day, guests of the large-scale action are given a unique opportunity to see firsthand that the firemen are subject to all four elements: fire and water, sky and earth.

List of settlements of the Republic of Tatarstan exposed to the threat of forest fires: 

On the eve of the professional holiday of the Day of fire protection of Russia EMERCOM employees organize traditional Open days and excursions to the Museums of fire protection.  Now such measures are aimed, among other things, at preventing fires and other emergencies during the May holidays.

The event was opened by the Deputy head of The Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia for RT Colonel Andrey Orlov. Andrey congratulated firefighters on the upcoming holidays, the anniversary of the fire protection of Russia and victory Day.

At the end of the celebration for the personnel of the garrison of fire protection, their families and invited guests was shown a concert. Were the employee of 15th SFS squad Edward Valeev, artists Naberezhnye Chelny, and also the cadet corps "EMERCOM fire-rescuers" performed.

Accidents for April 25:

Fire departments of SFS of Russia EMERCOM on RT departed by alert 145 times. Firefighters of the Republic eliminated 41 fires, of them in private houses – 1 fire, in baths and saunas – 3 fires, in outbuildings – 2 fires, in country houses – 2 fires, in garages – 1 fire, in cars – 2 fires, on other objects – 30 fires.

Thirty-three years ago, in April 1986, the fourth unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded. The scale of the tragedy could have been immeasurably greater, if not for the courage and dedication of the participants in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, who came from all over the country, including from Tatarstan, and entered into a "battle" with radiation.

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