February 2019

Today in the Menzelinsk territorial primary organization "society of the blind" the chief state inspector on fire supervision held a conversation about observance of necessary requirements of fire safety in life.

Today in the society of the blind, there are 171 people, of whom 39 persons with disabilities of the 1st group, 74 persons (including 2 children) with disabilities 2 groups, 48 people with disabilities 3 groups. Chairman of the blind society Maria Kuliskova organized a large population with the aim of uniting people with disabilities with partial or complete loss of vision.

Fire departments of SFS of Main emergency management Russia on RT went on alert 49 times. From them on false calls-13 times, on short circuit without burning-5 times, on burning of food – 2 times, on interaction with other services – 16 times, on others – 1 time. Firefighters of the Republic eliminated – 7 fires of them in the court buildings – 1 fire in apartment buildings – 2 fire, holiday homes in the area – 1 fire in warehouse buildings, 1 fire, other vehicles – 1 fire. 4 people were saved.

February 2019

06 February 2019 11 hours and 55 minutes on a emergency services “112” the neighbors reported about the burning apartment in building #1 on the street Cholovskoy, in Mendeleevsk.

In an entrance strong smoke was created and not all the men managed to leave. Another four people from the upper floors were cut off by smoke from the escape routes. Firefighters made the way to people, put on them rescue masks and brought to the street of four people, including the five-year-old child.

At 12 hours 01 minutes - the localization of the fire.

At 12 hours 02 minutes - the elimination of open burning.

As a result of a fire: in the room of the apartment the sofa, personal belongings burned down, and also walls and a ceiling were smoked. The total area of the fire was 2.5 square meters. Alone in the stairwell evacuated 10 people rescued 4 people. Preliminary cause of the fire-violation of rules of installation of electric equipment.

Zelenodolsk was visited by Vyacheslav Kandrashin-head of the regional public organization "society of rescue on the waters of the Republic of Tatarstan". The main purpose of the visit is to get acquainted with the real situation on the ground, to learn about the existing problems, issues arising in the course of the work of local offices of SRW.

From the FSBI "Department of Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring of the Republic of Tatarstan" received a consultation-warning about the intensity of meteorological phenomena from 05: 00 until 23 o'clock. February 7, 2019 in morning, afternoon and evening in some places in the Republic of Tatarstan and Kazan the following are expected:

- heavy snow;

 - blowing snow with poor visibility up to 500-1000 meters;

- strong South-East, South wind gusts 15-18 m/s;

- snow drifts on the roads.

The main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan recommends at a snowstorm and wind strengthening:

Shoes should be non-slip and comfortable. Move carefully, step on the entire sole, given the irregularities. Elderly people are advised to use a cane with a rubber tip or a special stick with spikes.

Employees of the state fire supervision together with employees of MBI "Sarmanovsky district Cinema institution" organized "Safety week" for students of educational institutions. For about a week in order to prevent the death and injury of children as a result of fires, open fire safety lessons are held, during which the children were explained the rules of fire safety at school and at home.

Today in the Cinema "Sarman" Sarmanovsk elementary students of the school were shown videos on the theme of fire prevention. Since the lesson was held in the presence of class teachers and students, were theoretically worked out various cases of fire in the school and the actions of students who reported the fire to teachers, and those, in turn, reported to the fire Department. Both children and teachers coped with the task perfectly. The event was attended by 63 people.

Accidents for February 5, 2019:

Fire departments of SFS of Main emergency management Russia on RT went on alert 39 times. From them on false calls-12 times, on interaction with other services – 15 times, on burning of food – 1 time, on short circuit without burning -1 time. Firefighters of the Republic eliminated-7 fires, including the residential sector - 4 fires, outbuildings-2 fires, objects of various forms of ownership - 1 fire.

February 2019

The open day for primary school students of the gymnasium №32 in Nizhnekamsk was organized by the employees of the Department of supervision and preventive work of Nizhnekamsk district in the branch of the Center for fire propaganda and public relations, which is located in the building of the city fire and rescue unit. On this day, the educational process of the children was replaced by an informative excursion to the fire exhibition.

Accidents for February 4, 2019:

Fire departments of SFS of the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia on RT left on alarm 32 times. From them on false calls-11 times, on interaction with other services – 10 times, on burning of food – 2 times, on short circuit without burning -1 times. Firefighters of the Republic eliminated-8 fires, including the residential sector-5 fires, outbuildings-1 fire, objects of various forms of ownership-2 fires.

February 2019

The reason for the meeting was the signing of a cooperation agreement between EMERCOM of Russia and All-Russian student rescue corps in Moscow. The head EMERCOM of Russia Evgeny Senichev and President of RSRC Evgeny Kozeev today signed a joint cooperation agreement.

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