February 2019

Every day, being on duty between search and rescue operations, rescuers of Tatarstan conduct preventive conversations with students of preschool and secondary educational institutions, educating children and the younger generation the basics of life safety. In the field of view of the search and rescue service at the Ministry of emergency situations also fall fishermen, which rescuers are trying to protect from fatal errors on the ice of reservoirs.

Subjects of conversations rescuers choose depending on the place of visit and the audience with which it is necessary to carry out preventive work. During patrols of reservoirs for amateur fishermen is in the arsenal of rescuers lectures on how to behave when falling under the ice and how to help the victim on the ice. Their "wards" they also resemble the rules of behavior on the waters in the spring, when the ice becomes thin. Fishermen employees of the Ministry of emergency situations are waiting in fishing shops, here in addition to shopping, fishing enthusiasts receive the necessary knowledge in ensuring their safety on the ice. During the open lessons rescuers warn their young and grateful students in schools and kindergartens against dangerous games on the ice of reservoirs, especially during the freeze-up, as well as actions, if there was trouble.

In Almetyevsk in the state autonomous institution of social service "the center of rehabilitation of disabled people "Veteran" the fire alarm system worked. The warning system has notified of the need to leave the premises. Employees of the institution together with the patients began to go out to the nearest emergency exits.

Training for evacuation is a very important point in the work, they not only practiced the skills of salvation, but also checked the serviceability of automatic fire protection of the building. During the exercises, it was found out that automatic fire alarm systems, fire warning systems and evacuation management are in good condition, the signal is displayed on the fire Department. And most importantly, the staff knows their duties and coped with the task.

At the end of the emergency situations Ministry staff conducted a briefing on fire safety and reminded everyone the rules of fire safety.

Accidents for 11th February:

Fire departments of SFS of Main emergency management Russia on RT went on alert 37 times. Of them for false calls - 12, cooperation with other services – 16, overcooking food – 2 times. Firefighters of the Republic eliminated-6 fires, including residential sector-3 fires, outbuildings-2 fires, objects of various forms of ownership - 1 fire.

The causes of fires were: violation of the rules of the device and operation of electrical equipment – 5 fires, arson - 1 fire.

Departures of units of VFP on firefighting – 2 times.

Departures of units of SRS for firefighting 8 times. Including: unblocking - 4, traffic accident-1, others - 3 times. For professional work-10 times.

February 2019

A fascinating lesson on fire theme was held in one of the kindergartens of Buinsk district. Teachers and their pupils prepared an entertaining puppet show, where the main character was Pinocchio, who at first was frivolous, and then became a hero and saved all his friends. Only in this view the main villain was the Fire.

One of the spectators was the inspector of Interdistrict Department of Supervisory activities and preventive work of Buinsk and Drozhzhanovsk municipal district Aidar Khairullin, which is the end of the show spent with the guys fire up the conversation. He explained to the children why fire is called both friend and enemy. Fires caused by children playing with fire, unfortunately, is not uncommon. At this the officer of the Ministry drew particular attention during the meeting.

Accidents for 10th February:

Fire departments of SFS of the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia on RT left by alarm 32 times. From them on false calls - 12 times, on interaction with other services – 5 times, on burning of food – 3 times, on short circuit without burning - 2 times. Firefighters of the Republic eliminated-11 fires, including the residential sector-6 fires, outbuildings-1 fire, objects of various forms of ownership - 4 fires. Unfortunately, 1 person was killed. 1 person was injured. 9 people were saved.

February 2019

Today in Kazan the largest sports competition "Ski Track of Russia - 2019" took place. To the three sites of the mass ski race - in the morning Kazan went whole families and labor collectives. Together with all 540 employees of the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia for RT, EMERCOM of the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as subordinate institutions of the Ministry came to the start.

February 2019

In Almetyevsk the Republican winter championship in fire-applied sports ended. This was the 30th championship. 6 teams from different regions of our Republic took part in it. From the first minutes of the competition, the participants captured the audience with their entertainment, intense struggle and skill. No wonder fire- applied sport is considered the most strong, clever, brave.

incidents of 7th February: 

Fire departments of SFS of Main emergency management Russia on RT went on alert 44 times. From them on false calls-20 times, on short circuit without burning-1 time, on interaction with other services – 11 times, on others – 1 time. Firefighters of the Republic eliminated-11 fires, of them in outbuildings-1 fire, in private houses-3 fires, in garages-1 fire, in baths and saunas – 1 fire, on other objects – 5 fires.

At 22.44 on 7th February, in the CMC of the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the RT from the operative doctor of the center of disaster medicine received a message about poisoning with carbon monoxide 2 people on Sovetskaya street in Almetyevsk. As it became clear, at first parents bathed in the wood bath which located in the territory of the same private household, then two boys of 13 and 17 years went in. Most likely, parents also got a little poisoning, because after a bath they fell asleep immediately. Waking up some time later, the father went to the bathhouse to check on the children. Finding the boys unconscious, he called an ambulance. The crew of an emergency medical service carried out resuscitation actions within 30 minutes which didn't give results. Doctors stated the boy's death. The causes of the accident and death are established.

07.02.2019, 22.21, Kazan city, Aviastroi district, Dementyeva str., house No. 33, apartment.

As a result of carbon monoxide poisoning there suffered: a women born in 1972 and 1991, a man born in 1990, with a diagnosis of "carbon monoxide poisoning of moderate severity" hospitalized in the city clinical hospital №7, a boy born in 2018 with a diagnosis of "carbon monoxide poisoning of moderate severity" hospitalized in DRC. The cause of the incident is established.

February 2019

7 февральдә Әлмәттә «Динамо» район Советы спартакиадасы исәбенә янгын сүндерү-гамәли спорт буенча Татарстан Республикасының 30-нчы юбилей кышкы чемпионатын ачтылар.

Республика дәрәҗәсендәге ярышларда катнашу өчен Татарстанның нефть башкаласына Казан, Яр Чаллы, Түбән Кама, Әлмәт янгын саклау бүлекләренең иң яхшы спортчылары килде. Катнашучыларның әзерлек дәрәҗәсе бик югары: төркемнәр составына гамәли янгын спорт буенча Россия җыелма командасы әгъзалары, шулай ук халыкара турнирларда җиңүчеләр һәм призерлар керә.

Ярышлар икенче отрядның укыту-тренировка комплексында узды. Ачылу көнендә штурм баскычыннан менүдә уку башнясы тәрәзәсенә кече, урта һәм өлкән яшьтәге егетләр һәм кызлар көч сынашты. Иң яхшылардан дип аталу хокукы өчен иң көчле 6 команда көч сынашты.

Өлкән яшь төркемендә иң яхшы нәтиҗә белән 12.09.09 сек. Никита Карасов (Казан) булды. Ир-атлар арасында - Вагнер Роман КФК – 1 (Түбән Кама) - 13,26 секунд.

Максюткина Валерия КФК-2 (Әлмәт) бүгенге көн герое дип танылды. Аның вакыты 7,43 хатын-кызлар арасында призлы булды. Шәхси зачетта призлы урыннар алучыларга медальләр, дипломнар, бүләкләр тапшырылды. Ярышларда катнашучыларның барысын да ирешелгән уңышлары белән котлыйбыз!


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