февраля 2018 г.

Places of residence of lonely, elderly citizens, families with many children are again at the center of attention of EMERCOM employees. As practice shows, in conditions of low temperatures the number of fires in the residential sector increases. In Zelenodolsk, fire service staff and social workers interdepartmental raids carry out regularly. The main purpose of preventive raids is not to punish, but to show and explain exactly by what threatens the violation of fire safety rules.

On the Volga River from the 'Gazovik' Hotel to the Settlement of Verkhny Uslon Gullies Appeared on the Ice. These are six dangerous places. In order to avoid accidents on the ice, EMERCOM employees ask fishermen to be careful when driving across the ice on snowmobiles or on foot, and in any case not to leave for ice on cars.

февраля 2018 г.

On January 31, in the village of Karabash, on the basis of the fire and rescue department No. 21 OFPS-2, there passed the first stage of competitions on carrying out rescue works at liquidation of an emergency situation on a motor transport. They were attended by 13 teams of the 2nd squad, that represented almost the entire South-East of Tatarstan. The first part included the theoretical knowledge of team members in tactical, technical, medical training, and labor protection. The practical part is an assessment of practical skills of team members. 

The room of psychological relief in the 8th squad of Federal Fire Service for the Republic of Tatarstan was equipped in 2012. At first it was a small study with a minimum of furniture. However, thanks to the timely financing and implementation of special programs, soon there appeared the latest equipment and technology. Now this is a real room, equipped with all necessary equipment for the emotional discharge of employees. 

января 2018 г.

On January 6, 2018, a fire occurred in one of the houses in the village of Vorovsky Sovkhoz, Menzelinsk District, killing three people, including two children. To avoid the recurrence of similar cases, and also with the purpose of teaching the population fire safety measures, fire supervision employees carry out preventive work in within meetings and gatherings with the population.

января 2018 г.

Preparations for the festive events dedicated to the 100 anniversary of the Soviet fire service became one of the main issues discussed on January 26 in the city of Mamadysh on the basis of the fire and rescue department No. 121 by participants of the gathering of the Chairmen of Boards of Veterans of fire and rescue garrisons, which are part of the 15th squad of the federal fire service for the Republic of Tatarstan. Also, the participants summed up the results of the activities of veteran organizations for 2017 and mapped out tasks for 2018.

Incidents as of January 28:

Fire departments of Federal Fire Service of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan went on alert 43 times. Including garbage extinguishing – 6, false alarms – 10, short circuit of wiring without burning – 4, meal burning – 1, cooperation with other services – 2. Firefighters of the republic eliminated 11 fires: residential sector – 4, saunas – 5, outhouses – 1, other objects – 1.

января 2018 г.

Incidents as of January 27:

Fire departments of Federal Fire Service of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan went on alert 44 times. Including garbage extinguishing – 0, false alarms – 22, short circuit of wiring without burning – 1, meal burning – 2, cooperation with other services – 6. Firefighters of the republic eliminated 6 fires: private houses – 2, outhouses – 1, saunas – 2, vehicles – 1. 1 person died.

января 2018 г.

In total, during the social action on installation of autonomous fire detectors, with their help lives of 18 citizens of the republic, including 9 children, were saved.

Extracted a victim from a car that fell under ice, helped him, and then pulled the car itself from the formed ice-hole. All this procedure was worked out today on the Arakchino — Upper Uslon ice passage across the Volga River by firefighters of the fire and rescue department No. 112 of Upper Uslon District, rescuers and firefighters from Kazan, workers of the passage, as well as the forces and means of RSChS of Upper Uslon Municipal District. The plot of the idea was a traffic accident, as a result of which one of the cars partially fell under the ice. There was a victim, the car driver.

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