January 2018

This ice road became the third officially open ice passage. The distance of the passage is 3,200 meters. The average thickness of the measured ice on the passage was 30-35 cm, and the net was 25 cm, which will allow the traffic of vehicles with a capacity of not more than 2 tons. If necessary, the ice track is cleaned from snow. For the safety there are rescue facilities on the passage.

Deputy Head of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan on the state fire service, Colonel of Internal Service, Rafail Motygullin, handed over a modern, equipped with the latest requirements in this area fire truck to the use of Leninogorsk District. The event was held on the basis of the Leninogorsk Fire and Rescue Garrison. It was attended by the Head of Leninogorsk District, Ryagat Khusainov.

EMERCOM of Russia organized an online survey for representatives of the business community, organizations and citizens of Russia, who will be able to assess the level of corruption risks and ongoing preventive work of the department in 2018. The received information will be used to improve the organization of counteraction to corruption, as well as to increase openness and transparency of the work carried out.

Incidents as of January 17:

Fire departments of Federal Fire Service of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan went on alert 31 times. Including garbage extinguishing – 0, false alarms – 6, short circuit of wiring without burning – 3, meal burning – 2, cooperation with other services – 15. Firefighters of the republic eliminated 3 fires: private house – 2, out-of-use buildings – 1.

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