January 2018

Now those who do not grudge money, will reduce their way from one bank of the Volga to another for 70 kilometers and will save about an hour of driving a car. The distance of the ice road is 1300 m. Compared to last year, the current opening took place one month later. The reason is in the unusually warm weather, established in December. The thickness of the ice is 35-40 cm. There are heating points on the banks: insulated trailers. Approaches to the passage and its route are illuminated.

At night January 19, the Orthodox world celebrates the feast of the Baptism of the Lord or Epiphany. Employees of the center of GIMS of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan take direct part in ensuring the security of mass celebration. On the eve of opening ice holes, GIMS inspectors carry out measurements of ice thickness of reservoirs. For safe staying of people at ice holes, the thickness of ice cover should not be less than 25 cm.

Incidents as of January 14:

Fire departments of Federal Fire Service of the Headquarters of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan went on alert 27 times. Including garbage extinguishing – 8, false alarms – 5, short circuit of wiring without burning – 2, meal burning – 1, cooperation with other services – 12, others – 1. Firefighters of the republic eliminated 6 fires: private houses – 2, apartment buildings – 3, garden houses – 1.

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