28 people rescued on fire in Kazan, 5 of them - with the help of high-rise machinery

5 November 2019, Tuesday

At 09.44 November 5 the system "112" received a message about the burning  apartment in the address: Kazan, Kirov district, St. Nursultan Nazarbayev, 54. 

The fire occurred in the kitchen in the apartment on the 4th floor, the residents were evacuated. Residents from the fourth and upper floors asked for help. By high-rise special equipment from windows 5 people, from them 3 children are rescued. A total of 28 people were rescued by firefighters, including 13 children. Another 20 people came out on their own.

8 people were hospitalized, including 5 children, injured diagnosis – a poisoning with products of burning light, medium severity.

At 10.15 the fire was contained. 10.22 the elimination of open burning.


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