Typical incidents on the past day

19 September 2019, Thursday

Accidents on September 18:

Fire departments of SFS of Russia EMERCOM on RT had departures on alarms 28 times. Firefighters of the Republic eliminated 5 fires: in buildings (constructions) of residential purpose and outbuildings – 4 fires, in unused buildings – 1 fire.

The causes of fires were: violation of the rules of installation and operation of electrical equipment – 2 fires, violation of the rules of installation and operation of the furnace – 1 fire, careless handling of fire – 2 fires.

Additional visits to accidents – 22 times from them: about the challenges – 11 times, short-circuit without burning – 2 times, sticking food – 1, the interaction with other services 8 times.

Units of VFP departed on fire fighting – 3 times.

SRS of EMERCOM of RT and VRSRS of Russian EMERCOM departed 14 times. Preventive work – 15 times.

The main Department of EMERCOM of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Tatarstan warns:

- do not abuse alcohol, never smoke in bed!

- do not leave children unattended, teach them basic safety rules;

- never use faulty wiring, do not overload the power grid, be careful when using electric heaters;

- do not leave the included electrical and gas appliances unattended.

The main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan appeals to residents not to leave children unattended.

- It is especially dangerous to leave children alone in locked apartments or rooms. In case of a fire they can't get out of a burning building out.

- Remember: the duty of every adult is to stop playing with fire, to explain to children it’s danger.

- Take care of the safety of your children, explain them that in case of a fire you need to leave the room immediately, and then call the emergency number "112".

As for the fire, you are an example for your children.

Remember: fire does not occur by itself. His reason are human negligence and carelessness in handling fire. In a state of alcoholic intoxication, a person loses control over himself and his actions, and even can not bear any responsibility for the life of another person.

"Helpline" of EMERCOM of Russia on RT: 8 (843) 288-46-96

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