Zelenodolsk firefighters conducted fire and tactical exercises at the Lyceum №9 named A. S. Pushkin

11 September 2019, Wednesday

 According to the legend of the exercises, as a result of a short circuit, a fire broke out in one of the primary school classrooms on the second floor of the building. There was a lot of smoke, the fire threatened to spread to neighboring offices across the corridor. The duty watchman immediately reports to the fire Department, includes a sound notification about the fire, teachers organize the evacuation. Arrived at the conditional alarm duty calculations deploy equipment to extinguish the fire and rescue people. Under the terms of the exercise, children remained in the building. Firefighters conduct reconnaissance of the premises. Two people left in one of the offices of the fourth floor, evacuated from the window on the ladder. Another victim, whose role was played by a mannequin, is saved with the help of "cube of life" - a jumping device designed for rapid evacuation of people. Rescued transferred to emergency medical teams.

In total about 40 people of staff of divisions of 8 group of Federal fire service and 6 units of fire equipment were involved in fire-tactical doctrines.

Reseda Yusupova, press service of the 8th FFS squad in the Republic of Tatarstan

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