Seasonal operation "Harvest" is at the peak of work

23 August 2019, Friday

In order to prevent fires during the harvest-2019 head of the inter-district Department of supervision and preventive work on Aktanysh and Menzelinsk municipal districts Albert Timerkhanov held a preventive conversation with the combine harvesters LLC "August-Muslyum".

In order to ensure fire safety of grain drying complexes it is necessary to:

• the granaries placed in separate buildings, of which the gate should open outwards and not cluttered;

• dryers placed in industrial buildings should be separated from other premises by fire barriers of the 1st type.

• electrical wiring in the rooms of the granaries must be carried out in steel pipes, and the electric lights must be in a dust-proof design;

• control the temperature of the grain by sampling every two hours and, if necessary, reduce the temperature of the coolant in a timely manner;

• in case of detection of spontaneous combustion of grain, it is necessary to stop the unit, unload the grain for cooling and remove the grain with traces of spontaneous combustion;

• daily clean the loading and unloading mechanisms of grain and dust to avoid the formation of stagnant areas;

• constantly monitor the operation of the dryer;

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