Zelenodolsk firefighters conducted training exercises in the Children's hospital

21 August 2019, Wednesday

Fire-tactical exercises in Zelenodolsk children's hospital were conducted by the staff of the fire and rescue garrison. The purpose of training is to work out joint actions of the personnel of fire departments and medical staff of the hospital to extinguish a conventional fire in case of its occurrence.

Children's hospital - an object that requires the most attention. A multi-storey building, a large crowd of people and a special contingent - small sick children - all these factors in the event of a fire can play a fatal role. Therefore, all medical personnel here must be ready to respond to any emergency.

Today, during the lesson, the degree of readiness was checked and the actions of the administration and medical staff of the hospital were worked out in the event of a fire, the personnel of the units of the 8th squad of the Federal fire service for the elimination of fires and their consequences in hospitals were trained. The staff identified areas and conduct rescue operations from the building regimen of the extinguishing substances. Issues of interaction of fire departments with the management of the institution, life support services of the city during the rescue operations have been worked out. Preliminary assessment – "satisfactory".


Reseda Yusupova, the press service of 8th squad of SFS in the Republic of Tatarstan

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