Active knowledge of fire safety

13 August 2019, Tuesday

Vacationers today in the children's recreation camp "Zarya" after the voice announcement, hastily left the dormitories and went to the assigned gathering place - the main gate of the camp.

 "The main purpose of such classes is to teach children the rules of behavior in the fire and explain that the fire can in a matter of seconds turn from a friend and assistant to a ruthless enemy"- said the senior inspector of the Department of supervision and preventive work in the Nizhnekamsk municipal district Elmira Ilalova.

An emergency does not warn of its appearance... In addition, escaping from fire and smoke, children usually hide in closets, under beds and tables. Finding children in a fire situation is not easy. The child should not only know in theory the basic rules of fire safety, but also in practice to work out the acquired knowledge. Educational evacuation is one of the most effective ways to teach children the correct behavior in case of fire.


Akhmetova Guzel, Methodist of the center of fire propaganda and public relations of Nizhnekamsk

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