Search and evacuation of the conditional victim by means of aircraft of the Ministry of emergency situations are carried out successfully

26 June 2019, Wednesday

Landing operation with conditional search and rescue of the victim was fulfilled by rescuers-paratroopers of the Kazan search and rescue group – branch of FCI "Volga regional SRU of EMERCOM of Russia". Having descended directly from the "sky" from the Board of the Mi-8 MTV helicopter of the Kazan aviation link of the EMERCOM of Russia, the EMERCOM employees brilliantly coped with the task.

Training descents were held near the village of Sandy Kovali of Laishevsky district. 8 rescuers received an introduction – to conduct a non-parachute landing with the help of triggers and a special rope from a height of 40 meters to a limited area of 5 by 5 meters.

- In accordance with the action plan, such exercises are held in our unit once a month, - commented on the results of the exercises the head of the Kazan search and rescue unit-a branch of the Volga regional search and rescue unit of the EMERCOM of Russia Igor Katsyuruba. - Constant training on interaction with the aviation unit is necessary.

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