Typical incidents over the past day

24 May 2019, Friday

Accidents for May 23:

Fire departments of SFS of Russia EMERCOM on RT departed by alert 55 times. Firefighters of the Republic eliminated 11 fires, of them in buildings (structures) of residential purpose and outbuildings – 8 fires. There are no dead or injured.

The causes of fires were: violation of the rules of the device and operation of electrical equipment – 7 fire, careless handling of fire – 4 fire.

Other visits to the incident: false calls - 27 times, short circuit without burning – 7 times, for burning food – 1 time, for interaction with other services - 11 times.

Fire departments carried out rescue operations and eliminated consequences of road accidents 2 times.

Units of VFP departed on fire fighting – 1 time.

SRS of EMERCOM of RT and VRSRS of Russian EMERCOM departed 16 times. Of them: to unlock the door 4 times, for the transportation of patients to ambulance – 3 times, others 2 times, lights out EN route and on arrival – 7раз.

On preventive works – 13 departures.

The main Department of EMERCOM of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Tatarstan warns:

- do not abuse alcohol, never smoke in bed!

- do not leave children unattended, teach them basic safety rules;

- never use faulty wiring, do not overload the power grid, be careful when using electric heaters;

- do not leave the included electrical and gas appliances unattended.

The main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan appeals to residents not to leave children unattended.

- It is especially dangerous to leave children alone in locked apartments or rooms. In case of a fire they can't get out of a burning building out.

- Remember: the duty of every adult is to stop playing with fire, to explain to children it’s danger.

- Take care of the safety of your children, explain them that in case of a fire you need to leave the room immediately, and then call the emergency number "112".

As for the fire, you are an example for your children.

Remember: fire does not occur by itself. His reason are human negligence and carelessness in handling fire. In a state of alcoholic intoxication, a person loses control over himself and his actions, and even can not bear any responsibility for the life of another person.

"Helpline" of EMERCOM of Russia on RT: 8 (843) 288-46-96

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