The rules of fire safety for senior citizens

15 May 2019, Wednesday

In joint work of Department of supervising activity and preventive work on the Zainsk municipal area, the all-Russian voluntary fire society of Zainsk and employees of Complex center of social service of the population "Joy" elderly residents of the city were instructed to rules of fire safety.

In the course of the event the inspector at the Zainsk municipal area Zulfia Rizvanov reminded pensioners about the rules of fire safety when using electrical appliances:

- do not leave the included electrical appliances unattended;

- hot plates must be placed on supports made of non-combustible materials;

- to avoid overloading the power supply, avoid plugging several electrical appliances into the electrical outlet at the same time, especially those with high power.

As for furnaces:

- avoid the use of flammable liquids for starting the furnace;

- to avoid overburning of the furnace, heat it several times a day;

- do not leave the heating stove unattended.

Each homeowner was given a memo on compliance with fire safety measures.

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