The main Department of EMERCOM of Russia on RT informs about the possibility of admission to Universities of EMERCOM of Russia on budget places in 2019.

11 January 2019, Friday

Graduates of secondary and secondary special educational institutions have the opportunity to continue their education in higher professional educational institutions of EMERCOM of Russia.

Training on a budgetary basis in the educational institutions of higher professional education of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia provides an opportunity for school graduates to receive higher education in the field of civil defense, prevention and liquidation of consequences of emergency situations of natural and technogenic character in peace and war.

At the end of higher education Institution of the state fire service of EMERCOM of Russia is awarded the special rank of "Lieutenant of internal service" and guaranteed compulsory employment in the Department of the Federal fire service.

When applying for full – time education it is necessary to submit the results of the exam in General subjects - Russian language, mathematics, physics. In the school prospective students will pass a written exam in mathematics and physical training on the following standards: running 100 meters, pulling on the bar, cross 3000 meters.

For all organizational matters of admission, you should apply before March 1 in the personnel of the service units of the Federal fire service of EMERCOM of Russia for referral to the medical Commission for determining the suitability for admission to the school and documentation in the personnel file.

In Kazan, more detailed information can be obtained in the personnel Department of the Federal fire service № 7 in the Republic of Tatarstan, phone for reference (843) 288-45-29, (7)9274-91-29-71.

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