New year's holidays at the entertainment facilities were held without incident

9 January 2019, Wednesday

The Deputy head of the main Department of the Ministry of emergency situations, the head of the Department of supervision and preventive work Colonel of the internal service Sergei Sergeev for the media about the results of the new year and Christmas celebrations, said during the briefing.

Fires, deaths and cases of injury are most in living spaces:

- construction of (saunas, sheds, garages) that are in the territory of outbuildings structures - 28 total number of fires fire or 45.9%, where 1 is dead and the 1 is insured;

- individual houses - 16 fire or 26.2%, 2 dead and 4 injured;

- apartment buildings - 10 fires or 16.4% and 6 injuries occurred;

- garden houses, cottages - 5 fires or 8,2% of an injury and 1 injured;


The main causes of fires during the new year holidays in the Republic of Tatarstan 2019:

- violation of fire safety rules when placing and operating the furnace a - 33 of the total number of fires or 44%;

- careless handling of fire-  18 fires (24%);

- in violation of the rules of technical operation of electrical equipment - 16 fires (fire 21,3%);

- violation of the rules of installation and operation of vehicles-  5 fires (6.7%).

- arson-  2 fires (2.7%).

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