Rescuers of PSO UGZ have helped the boatmaster in distress

18 June 2018, Monday

The message has come to search and rescue group of Management of civil protection of executive committee of Kazan that on the Volga River opposite to boat gas station on Bryusov St. the boat is in distress.

As the applicant has reported, the boat has received a hole in 100 meters from the island of Marquiz, is filled with water, the man of 1976 is in the boat.

On arrival of a duty shift of rescuers of PSO UGZ to the place of a call by the boat of "Kazanka -5" the man of 1976 could reach by own efforts the island of Marquiz where has been found and together with things and the boat is transported on the coast to Kazan. With the man the educational discussion is led.


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